Gostilna in prenočišča Turšič  Anton, s.p.


Voljčeva cesta 3, 1360 Vrhnika

T: 00 386 (1) 755 12 13

M: 00 386 (0)41 420 507

E: info@gostilna-tursic.si



We are available from Monday to Saturday

from 7 am to 11 pm.

Kindly invited!

We rest on Sundays :)



To taste...


Our menu starts with carefully selected ingredients, so we are connected to local suppliers that provide fresh and homemade meat, meat products, vegetables and other foods.


Our specialties of the house are beef tongue salad, homemade sausages, tripe ('vampi') and homemade dough rolls with cottage cheese ('štruklji').


The quality ingredients are the basis for making culinary delights such as homemade cold cuts and sausages, homemade beef soup, pork and veal roast, roasted ribs, stewed beef, goulash, local dishes such as 'jota' (dish from sour turnip) and 'ričet' (barley soup), stew, all kinds of steaks (Wiener Schnitzel, steak in natural sauce, beef, turkey, pork steak), fried chicken, roasted and baked potatoes, fried squid (calamari with tatar sauce), seasonal salads, pasta, pizza and Vegatarian dishes.


Some like to finish their meal with a sweet treat. We have a reputation for delicious homemade cakes, which we also prepare on request for celebrations and special occasions.


A varied selection of dishes is adapted to the seasonal offer, such as black pudding ('krvavica'), homemade garlic sausages ('pečenica'), smoked sausages, sourkraut and sour turnip or 'matevž' (tradiotional dish of potatos and beans) in winter time.


In addition to ordering on request, you are invited to a daily dish and lunch or a wide selection of crispy pizzas. You can follow us and check the daily menu at our FB site.




We all wish to mark important turning points in life with joy and celebration.


Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, personal or business achievements and other important events stay especially imprinted in our memory. In order to be completely relaxed and to be able to fully enjoy yourselves, we will hold the party for you.


After the previous joint arrangement, we will take into account and fulfill as many of your wishes and expectations as possible, and contribute to making your celebration unforgettable for you and your guests.

We can accommodate and serve up to 100 guests in the indoor environment, and at the right weather you can also have fun in the shelter of the garden, which accommodates 40 guests.


Celebration is also possible with live music.

Our own parking is suitable for 20 - 30 cars.